The Long-Lost Art of Recording a Live Backing Track

The guys from Black Tree Vultures came in for a recording session at Outhouse Studios last week, and wanted to record their session live. My heart sank because quite often when a band wants to do this, the drummer often isn't tight enough for the job...

Published: 10/10/18


Guilty Of This Drum Production Bad Habit?

On a fairly regular basis, bands interested in recording at my studio send me links to YouTube videos of modern metal bands that they aspire to sound like. These videos typically consist of cutaway storylines interspersed with live action footage of ...

Published: 10/12/16


The Importance of Finding Your Own Sound

What's come to my attention in recent months is how much bands covet the sound of other bands that our merry team of people at Outhouse Studios record, produce and mix. One band in particular springs to mind... our lovely old chums in Architects.

Published: 08/10/16


That's Showbiz - See You On The Way Down

As my good friend Nick Beggs (clang) once said to me, "Don't worry John, there's no shortage of c**ts in the music industry". Sadly this brief refrain rings true to my ears almost on a weekly basis. Despite one's best efforts to be fair and just, the...

Published: 04/08/16


Cover of Say Something with Rebecca Need-Menear of Anavae

My good friend Rebecca Need-Menear from the band Anavae wanted to record a cover version of the hit song Say Something by A Great Big World, as a duet with piano. So we teamed up with my gran...

Published: 13/11/15


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